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HIPAA Certified Print and Mail Services

Success is dependent on secure processing and handling of all data that enters and exits a company. When deciding whether or not to select a company for any form of data processing, even if you’re from an industry other than healthcare, having HIPAA compliant print and mail service is pertinent.

What is ensured with HIPAA Compliant Print and Mail Services?


So, what is HIPAA compliance? A definition provided by the HIPPA Journal  states that “HIPAA compliance involves fulfilling the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, its subsequent amendments, and any related legislation such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.” But what does that mean to a company looking to outsource their data processing? What measures of security are being taken that can help ease the minds of a company’s decision-maker?

Three safeguards that are necessary in order for a company like Integrity Statements to be HIPAA compliant, the first being physical safeguards. This involves the physical location where the data is stored at a company’s facility. Whether it be in a remote location, the cloud, etc., the data must be stored in a location that abides by certain regulations.

Secondly, there are technical safeguards that must be in place for HIPAA compliance to be guaranteed. These involve the technology used to handle PHI or Protected Health Information. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), sets forth several cryptographic standards that companies must adhere to. This ensures that even if hackers are able to penetrate a company’s firewall, any information obtained would be unreadable.

The third safeguard put into place is an administrative safeguard. When a company claims to be HIPAA compliant, training for employees regarding handling PHI in a professional and secure manner is promised.

What is Included in a HIPAA Training Course?

  • HIPAA Definitionhipaa compliant print and mail
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule
  • Why HIPAA is Important
  • Disclosures of PHI
  • Safeguarding ePHI
  • Breach Notifications
  • Potential Violations
  • Patients´ Rights
  • BA Agreements
  • Employee Sanctions


While HIPAA compliance is necessary for companies in the medical field, any company entering into the outsourcing data processing world should be aware of the security measures a company takes and what each security certification truly means. Integrity Statements is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security possible so that we can guarantee the safe delivery of information to our clients.


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