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Utility Bill Print & Mail is Secure, Quick & Easy

At Integrity Statements, we know same-day mail outs for gas, energy, electric, and water companies are imperative. As a utility company, printing and mailing bills and notices by hand is tedious and time-consuming especially under urgent deadlines.

When you partner with Integrity Statements to outsource your utility bill print and mail needs, you cut costs on mailing equipment, postage and man-hours freeing up your most valuable asset, your time.

Integrity Statements is extremely secure offering the latest audits and security including SSAE16- SOC I, Type 2 and we are also HIPAA Compliant.

utility bill print and mail    utility bill print and mail        utility bill print and mail


utility bill print and mail

Customize your print and mail solution

Integrity Statements can customize to meet your unique needs-from what your billing statement looks like to offering variable messages on your statement.

Why should I choose Integrity Statements for my utility bill print and mail needs?

  • Same Day turn around for all utility billing statements
  • Customize Integrity Statements Printing process to meet your needs:
  • Custom Bill Format – typography, logos and graphics to fit your company
  • Manage your message in your documents
  • Highest quality printing & experts on variable data placement
  • Customize graphics for variable data- like promotions or reminders. “Energy efficient tips,” “water conservation” or other call-to-action messages.
  • Save on postage with our deep discount rates at Integrity Statements
  • Rest assured your data is secure with our security and HIPAA Compliance


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