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Integrity Statements is your trusted secure source for statement printing and mailing for bank statements, credit union statements, tax and appraisal notices, collection letters, utility bills, invoices and medical bills all under one roof. Integrity Statements is a full-service print and mail shop including services like data management and processing, address verification, custom design and layout of statements and invoices. As one of the largest presort mailing companies in Texas, we have access to deep discounted postage rates and we pass down the savings to our customers. Our expertise in statement printing spans over 75 years collectively, creating print and mail solutions for a wide range of industries – transactional printing for financial institutions like banks and credit unions and billing and communication documents for utility, insurance and healthcare industries.

Data Security Is Our #1 Priority

Each piece of mail stays in our hands from the moment we receive the data until it’s submitted in the United States Postal System. Integrity Statements has a Detached Mail Unit agreement established that allows a USPS postal employee to perform mail verification, acceptance, dispatch and other postal functions offering the highest level of presorting capability in the mailing process. Documents are printed with 2D barcodes to assure document integrity and camera systems track every page and scan each document to ensure no mismatches or out-of-sequence documents are sent out.

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Best In Class Customized Solutions

Unlike most data, print and mail providers, Integrity Statements realizes that although industries have similar needs, your company isn’t looking for a ‘cookie-cutter’ solution. At Integrity Statements, we create a customized solution that fits your print and mailing needs including easy data transfer, customized designed and variable document formats. By partnering with Integrity Statements, you can rest assured that each piece of mail is delivered on time with a document that reflects your business and enhances your brand.

With Integrity Statements, outsourcing your print and mail is easy, affordable and secure. Saving you time and money so you can focus on your core business.