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How does outsourcing print and mail offer the best postage rate?

outsourcing print and mailClaim the best postage rate with Integrity Statements 

Is your company looking to start outsourcing print and mail? Integrity Statements can get your company the best postage rates you’ve been looking for. As a Presort service provider, Integrity Statements offers the advantage of commingling mail across multiple businesses and organizations to achieve critical five-digit discounts, as well as creating machine-readable mail for the USPS®. Presort services offer all the discounts without the on-site expense.  Unfortunately, most organizations can’t afford the hardware and software necessary to take advantage of additional USPS® discounts. Integrity Statements can get you the discounts you deserve. If you’d like to learn more about out postage rate offerings and how we can save your company/institution postage costs, contact tt*****@in*******.com">Thressa Thomas at 254-751-1012.

Integrity Statements is integrated with USPS for CASS certification and NCOA processing.  We utilizes specialized hardware and software that:

  • Reads and validates the accuracy of all mailing address.
  • Applies the updated barcode including address corrections within the USPS national database.
  • Sorts and trays mail according to USPS® specifications.
  • Validates the accuracy of the entire processing cycle from the print of statements to USPS mail delivery.

Above all, ensure that you’re receiving the best postage rate from your current provider. Outsourcing print and mail shouldn’t have to be an outrageous cost. Or, if you are looking to outsource, check the details on postage rates with Integrity Statements. Integrity Statements is available to discuss your outsourcing questions about giving you the best postage rates and processing your statements with our top of line equipment and security process. Contact us today by clicking the button below, or give us a call at 254-751-1012.

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