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Jack Henry Statement Processing

Here at Integrity Statements, we love partnering with businesses who are committed to serving their customers above all else. One such business is Jack Henry Banking– a primary technology partner for approximately 1,100 banks.

History of Jack Henry Banking
jack henry statement printing

Jack Henry & Associates’ original business line was founded in 1976 to provide banks with off-the-shelf banking software. More than four decades later, Jack Henry Banking is a leading integrated technology platform. They allow banks to process financial transactions, automate business processes, and manage mission-critical customer and business information.

“We consistently leverage our core and complementary solutions, service standards, and market presence and reputation to retain and expand our existing client relationships and earn new core customers.​​​ Our primary objective is ensuring that our banking clients are able to quickly and easily deploy the technology products that they need, whether they come from us or someone else.” – Jack Henry Banking 

When deciding whether or not to outsource any form of document processing, printing, or mailing to another company, security and simplicity are desired more than anything.

Jack Henry Banking is committed to working with exemplary vendors like Integrity Statements clients with the most efficient and reliable processing.

Integrity Statements’ Partnership with Jack Henry

Their VIP (Vendor Integration Program) provides customers with the best, quickest, and most secure processing platform possible. Even when it means partnering with competitive companies, Jack Henry Banking is committed to serving their client first. They want to be the company that is known for integrating to their very core in order to provide the best service possible.

We have merged our statement printing abilities with the banking expertise of Jack Henry work seamlessly with Jack Henry clients. Find out more here.


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