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Automated Print and Mail

Automated printing and mailing are two of the most efficient ways to contact clients using direct mail. While this is a process that is made very easy for the client, it’s one of the most complex processes a printer performs and one that Integrity Statements excel in.

Efficient Mass Automated Print and Mail

When printing massive quantities of statements, invoices, bills, notifications, and other similar documents, efficiency and security are key. Choosing the right partner and print service provider is no easy task. Print and mail companies that offer extensive technology benefits like API’s and easy data transfer can be hard to find, not to mention ones that also offer a highly trained staff, compliance variables, and design experts. One of the most integral elements in bulk print and mail is the transfer of data from the client to the printer.

API Creationautomated print and mail


One of the key proponents to efficient automated print and mail is having the right software or advanced capabilities that integrate with existing software. Thanks to software called API, a printer is able to print transactional documents quickly and securely, streamlining efforts with a touch of a button.

An API is a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or another service. API stands for “application programming interface.” More simply put, it allows for a client’s program where data is stored to talk to the program at a printing facility.

First, the software is used to extract data from a client. This data is then inserted into a template which can then be printed and mailed in an efficient, automated, and seamless process.

This software is what allows us to perform transactional printing, a style of printing that is used for documents such as statements, invoices, and tax forms.


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For each of our clients, we find an API that works specifically with the program your data is stored on. For more information on how our API software works, contact our IT department today.

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